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Science: Services

Science Tutoring

Science is about connecting concepts and applying logic, reasoning and math to real world situations. We patiently guide students through organizing and understanding the large amount of new information that they must know. We help connect the dots between concepts, and build math and problem solving skills. We have a tutor with a Biology degree, another tutor pursuing a Physics degree, and extensive experience tutoring Chemistry. 

We tutor the following Sciences:

Middle School Science
High School Biology, Physics & Chemistry

College Level:
Intro to Chemistry
Chemistry 1 & 2
Intro to Biochemistry
Intro Biology series
Physics 1 & 2
HESI Biology & Chemistry

If you don’t see your subject listed, please contact us, we might still be able to help. We apologize, but we do not tutor Anatomy and Physiology. 

This channel is coming soon!
Science: Video Player
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